commander in chic cover*Award-winning style and beauty expert Mikki Taylor has written a fabulous new book that vividly captures First Lady Michelle Obama’s stunning and singular style.

Taylor’s “Commander in Chic:  Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady” (Atria Books, $26.99) will be sure to please the fiercest fashionistas and Obama lovers in your household.

Taylor, the former Beauty and Cover Director of Essence Magazine, lends over 30 years of beauty, fashion and lifestyle expertise in the book, making it a must-have lifestyle guide. The book is chock full of dazzling color photos of the first lady whose style is vividly displayed in everything from chic cardigans to breathtaking gowns. Thumbing though the book, it is clear why Mrs. Obama’s chic fashion sense has captivated the world and catapulted her as a global trendsetter.

Taylor first met the first lady in 2006 during an Essence magazine shoot. Two years later,Taylor visited Mrs. Obama’s  Chicago home to discuss the direction for an Essence cover story. Since then,Taylor has visually documented Mrs. Obama’s journey as First Lady through the pages of Essence.

In the forward to her book, an admiring Taylor writes:

“I never dreamed I’d see an African American woman as First Lady during my lifetime. She has revolutionized our thinking about what’s really key to living, not just going through the motions and being at our best in every way.

“For certain, she doesn’t just have a full plate, she’s balancing a platter:  she’s married to the most powerful man in the world, is a great mom, a beloved daughter, and a fab “Sis,” all of which present a full set of responsibilities and cares of the heart.

“Yet by choice she’s also focused on the wellness of the nation’s children and the well-being of military families. There’s not one of us who isn’t moved by watching her step to purpose, day in and day out.”

The book also contains advice on diet and exercise covering each stage of a woman’s life from age 20 to 50. There are also sage words on ways to nourish one’s spiritual and emotional well being.

“Commander in Chic” is filled with advice on style, staying healthy and sage “Mikki-isms,” in which Taylor drops her pearls of wisdom about style, such as this compelling one:

“Color? Why, color was made for a sister:  Explore it like a fantasy you were meant to live: team teal, yellow, and violet. Toss on red and orange and kiss it with emerald! Engage orange and hot pink. We were meant to be seen. After all, the creator dreamt us in color and scattered his chocolate sweets all over the world!”

And as a world-renowned fashion and beauty expert,Taylor gives Mrs. Obama her nod of approval to urge women to experiment with fashion:  “She has established a signature style that works for her when it comes to fashion and beauty and loves working a “classic with a twist” theme that allows room for experimentation but is never of-track,”Taylor observes. “At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all yearn for?  A signature style and a working wardrobe based on bankable pieces that allows one the kind of versatility where you never have to worry about what to wear?”

Taylor further states that the book is perfect for those searching for their own sense of style. “I say yearn no more:  consider ‘Commander in Chic’ as your personal style diary.  From chapter to chapter, you’ll find everything you need to know to possess great style—simply, effortlessly, and for keeps.”

And of course,Taylor is certain that Mrs. Obama will continue to influence women with her incredible style, grace, and fierce individuality.

“So what’s our ‘takeaway’ in the era of Michelle Obama?  That you must be determined to own your life, as this is your fascinating journey, and you owe it to yourself to be in charge!  That you place a keen focus on living the life you deserve so it doesn’t elude you. In other words, don’t live any part of it in the gray or leave any part of it to chance, or your richest desires will get away from you, and that’s too great a price to pay.  Don’t waste a moment talking about it or dreaming of it—like Obama, possess it, own it.”

Enough said!