haley barbour*Outgoing Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (pictured) has sparked outrage with his recent pardoning spree which included over 200, according to NPR.*

But the most shocking part of these pardons were that some were for killers, and about 4 of them were for murderers who used to be former employees of his. Those same 4 convicted killers have been released from prison causing concern amongst the public.

These decisions have called for changes in the law which allows the governor to have such authority to grant these pardons.

In addition to those convicted of manslaughter and murder, Barbour gave early release to people convicted of drug crimes, DUI deaths, burglary and kidnapping. Many of the people were already out of prison or otherwise free.

If I were a Mississippi resident or a family of those killed by one of these pardoned convicts, I’d be furious too.

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