diddy*Diddy is looking to do some big things in 2012.

The already huge player in the Hip Hop game is making his name bigger with a new line of products.

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In an interview with Ad Week, he shared his New Year’s resolution:

“My dream was that you would wake up in the morning, your alarm would go off, one of my records would be playing. You’d get in the shower and use my shampoo. Then you would get out and use the beauty products,” he says. “You’d get dressed and put on Sean John [clothing], and then would go to work. And after work, you would go and change into your evening wear to go out to a club on a date and you’d put on Sean John again, spray on another of my fragrances, stop by and have a drink of Ciroc. And then maybe take your young lady out to a movie that I was starring in.”

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Diddy also said he recently relocated to L.A. to boost his acting career.

Watch out now, he’s on the move.