jaleel white

Jaleel White, once Steve Urkel, is all grown up and quite successful behind and in front of the camera.

*”Family Matters” went off the air nearly 15 years ago and the characters from the show are still quite clear in our minds.

The problem with that is the actors that portrayed those characters never seem to be free of their character especially when they were in our homes for nearly a decade.

“The Cosby Show” actors have had to fight tooth and nail to separate themselves from Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, Sandra, and Denise. But, the list is nearly endless for family show actors that have been type cast because of their success.

Jaleel White is on that long list of characters that are still trying to shake the characters that they built and we cannot ever forget. Will we ever stop hearing catch phrases like Steve Urkel’s ”Did I do thaaaaaat?” in our ears? Whether we can or cannot, White and other actors have moved on and they want us to do the same.