jennifer hudson and david otunga*Uh oh, trouble in paradise … if you believe the National Enquirer.

The rag is saying that singer and actress Jennifer Hudson could end her relationship with her long-time fiancé over his career choice.

Although the 30-year-old star is doing well in her career and making it happen with her new figure, she doesn’t approve of her man’s wrestling deal. David Otunga is a Harvard-educated lawyer, but won’t give up his not so respectable profession.

“It’s really hurting their romance and their life together,” revealed an insider.

He was offered a position at a prestigious law firm, but turned it down as a wrester.

But how can you blame the man. With a body like that, he’s got more than just wrestling fans watching him.

His new found love for the sport is something like a life long dream for Otunga. He told his lady being a lawyer can wait a while and to let him enjoy his youth.

But according to the source, the couple is “at a crisis point in the relationship.”

The singer, who recently bought a Chicago mansion, “is getting fed up with David,” said the source. “Jennifer makes millions while David “only” earns about $200,000 annually.”

Allegedly, the relationship strain has put a damper on a wedding date.