karrine super head steffans*Even after publishing the book, admitting to her many love affairs and sex escapades, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans announced on her blog that she’s finally pregnant.

The now former video vixen recently tied the knot with her “mystery” boyfriend. The thing is no one knows who this guy is, especially because she doesn’t refer to him by name. In fact there are no photos of him … well there are pics of her and some dude she says is “her husband” with his back to the camera.

Then, on top of all that craziness, it seems as if there are some skeptics out there that doubt she’s even pregnant.

To prove all those bastards wrong, she posted pictures of what looks like positive pregnancy tests.

But the week prior, she posted a video with the caption:

“I’m a female and I live with my partner…most of the times I don’t feel like having sex…is not that I don’t want to…I’m just not in the mood.”

Yeah Superhead, whatever.