nicole avant

Nicole Avant

*Nicole Avant, President Obama’s  Bahamas ambassador appointee, is back in Los Angeles to begin raising money for the his re-election campaign. Her job is also to help to help the prez patch things up between him and the entertainment industry.

She was the key to the presidents Hollywood campaign in 2008, helping to raise millions.

Now that she’s back, there’s much work to do.

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Industry activists have become wearisome of the president. They have publicly expressed how they feel their issues have been ignored and the community’s needs overlooked, except during campaign times.

Avant, with her deep ties to both the Democratic Party and the entertainment industry, is being called upon to patch things over and rekindle at least some of Hollywood enthusiasm for Obama, says the Hollywood Reporter.

“I can’t think of a better ambassador for the president to the Hollywood community than Nicole,” said veteran Democratic consultant Kerman Maddox. “She has a direct line of communication to the president and the first lady because they trust her and she’s well regarded in the Hollywood community. If anyone can further solidify the relationship between the president and the Hollywood community, it is Nicole. I’m not sure who came up with this idea but I think it’s brilliant.”