*When the federal government squashed popular file-sharing site Megaupload on Thursday, it appeared as if producer Swizz Beatz would become a target as its reported CEO.

But according to the 75-page now-unsealed indictment, Beatz, (born Kaseem Dean), is not involved with the suit, and his name does not appear anywhere in the document. There are seven targets, four of which have already been apprehended, including owner Kim Dotcom.

Though there were rumors that Dean was a “silent partner” in the business, Megaupload’s lawyers said that the hip-hop mogul’s involvement in the company had been greatly exaggerated.

“He was in conversations to be named CEO,” attorney Ira P. Rothken told the New York Daily News. “His involvement in the company was highly attenuated. There were discussions and he was involved in a promotional video and in brainstorming future projects, but not much else.”

In fact, Rothken told the Washington Post, “My understanding is that there wasn’t actually a CEO of the company.” And Forbes noted, “If [Dean] was involved, it wasn’t on the books.”