*As you know, Tamar Braxton has been given the go for her new WEtv spin-off series.

The idea budded from her popularity on “Braxton Family Values.” Her stardom has certainly blossomed beautifully with the show and now she’s ready to explore some new things in her career.

It looks like it’ll be an easy transition for her especially with all the criticism and boredom surrounding other celebrity reality stars like the Kardashians.

“I like the Kardashians, but I do keep them on the top of my prayer list,” Tamar told the Huffington Post. “This week it’s Kim [who’s at the top of that list]. Poor little Kim. You can find love when you are famous if you are the same person you were before you were famous. I don’t know Kim but I wish her the best.”

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Lucky for Tamar, she doesn’t have to look for love. She’s not an expert, but she realizes that her success on the family show didn’t come from pretending to be someone she’s not.

“I was just being myself on the show with my family and it turned into something else,” Tamar told me. “It was my idea to do the show. First of all, I love reality TV, but I haven’t seen a family reality TV show — besides the Kardashians — that were females but they also have husbands and kids. You can kind of take those lives and apply them toward yours.”