tavis smiley & joe madison

Tavis Smiley and Joe Madison

*Tavis Smiley appeared on the Joe Madison show on Monday (01-09-12) and said that if the election were held today that he would vote a second time for President Obama.

Hmm, that outta surprise the Tavis haters out there.

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Like Fredrick Douglas, A Philip Randolph and Martin Luther King Jr, all he’s trying to is motivate Obama to be a better president.

“There’s no doubt about the fact that Barack Obama is the best of what’s out there,” Smiley said.

Ironically, as we reported yesterday, Smiley was booted from being a speaker at an MLK luncheon just a few days ago because of his on-going criticisms of President Obama.

Smiley made his comments Madison in Washington, DC while promoting his upcoming “Remaking America: From Poverty