*A Washington D.C. teenager was killed this past weekend over a pair of $200 sneakers, according to The Root.*

19-year-old David Lee Robinson was killed when a group of men got out of a SUV and shot him at a bus stop. It is alleged that Robinson and a friend who was with him, had a gun, and shot back. His friend escaped unharmed.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray commented on the saddening and unnecessary death.

“When you look at the circumstances, it was a robbery. The victim was being robbed by the perpetrator, who has not been apprehended as of yet, but he was being robbed for his Nike tennis shoes,” said Gray.

His friend, Jamal Crawford, said he couldn’t believe his friend is gone over a pair of sneakers.

“It hurts, it really hurts, and I mean, for a pair of shoes?” said Crawford. “It’s just sad for some shoes. If you want my shoes, you can have them. You don’t have to take my life; just take my shoes. He had a son on the way. It hurts.”

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