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Valder Bebee

*Dallas, Texas – Valder Beebe has been named News Director of KKVI FM in Greater Garland as announced today by Bill Wright, President and General Manger of KKVI.

With a decade of excellence in broadcasting, Beebe is recognized as one the industry’s successful businesswomen, hosting her namesake show, The Valder Beebe Show, and her newest brand, THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW.  She will work directly with KKVI’s President and General Manager and will assume her new post January 2, 2012.

As News Director, Beebe will oversee all facets of KKVI news radio broadcasts and streaming television news production, including overseeing news staff work.   Valder Beebe will be the voice of KKVI News and Weather.  Valder has a media background hosting and producing her own show, and “she is catching on fast to news broadcasting” said Bill Wright, President and General Manager.

“I am thrilled to bring the vision for KKVI news to life.  They have already assembled an amazing creative team to brand KKVI across broadcasting and streaming Internet television platforms to give consumers a dedicated environment to experience media at its best.”

A seasoned technology media host, Beebe has hosted the Valder Beebe Show on radio for seven years.  In 2009 her brand expanded to include satellite video interviews of today’s biggest celebrities.  Recent interviews include Tyler Perry, Margaret Cho, Rapper T-Pain, Tito Jackson, The Jackson Brothers, Chef Emeril Lagasse, Chef Wolfgang Puck and Chef Art Smith, along with Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winners.  This has garnered the show multiple awards.

Beebe’s brand continues to expand and cross all media platforms.  Beebe Omnimedia Co., LLC, also broadcast on her Internet TV Network BBNetwork on, her brand’s hub, showcasing THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW and Beebe’s Smart Living in The Powers Pages News (a virtual TV guide for the show).  In 2012 her brand expands to OPNTVNetwork (  OPN TV NETWORKTM will get a boost from hundreds of satellite videos that are produced by BeeBe Omnimedia, the production company of the Valder Beebe Show. The videos feature today’s hot topic celebrities, TV’s cooking celebrities, Best-selling authors and tomorrow’s “It” personalities.  The Valder Beebe Show is in its seventh season and continues to expand its broadcast on FM Radio, Internet Radio, Internet TV, Satellite Broadcasts, Newspaper and Magazine print brands.  In 2011 over *33 million listeners, viewers, site visitors and readers connected with the Valder Beebe Show.

“As a media producer, our brand, The Valder Beebe Show adores being a part of the next big thing,” states Beebe.  Now, is paving the way for Social Media TV, which is the next generation of television.”  OPN TV NETWORK is a mix of syndicated programming and video shorts known as “ITvChannels”.   OPN estimates as many as 500 user-generated shorts can run on air per day.

Valder, a graduate of Coleman Business College, majoring in Office Automation has been featured in Essence Magazine, Epitome Magazine, Equanimity Magazine, Hip Hop National, Y.C.L.A. and Gospel Connection and continues to write a monthly THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW column for Hip Hop National magazine. Beebe also serves as the Editorial Director of the Power Pages News’ BeeBe’s Smart Living Green published by Hattie Kelly.

Valder Beebe, a New Orleans native, has been married to the “man of her dreams,” James Beebe, since Valentine’s Day 1985.  Valder Beebe, author: 2010 CD God’s Message of Hope, and 2011, Abundance CD package published by MyWakeUpCall®   *JA Media Watch




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