*Jennifer Hudson says she was shocked to find out that her image was digitally enhanced on her 2008 self-titled album.

“It’s like, where’s the rest of me?” she told “Dateline’s” Lester Holt in an interview that aired last night (Jan. 8). “They Photoshopped me probably to the size I am now on that cover, when we all know I was nowhere near that. Why would you Photoshop that?”

Hudson, a spokesperson for WeightWatchers , was on the show to promote her new memoir “I Got This,” about her transformation as she embraced a healthy lifestyle and lost over eighty pounds.

The book follows J-Hud’s meteoric rise from “American Idol” to “Dreamgirls” to her weight loss on the Weight Watchers diet plan. Jennifer gives her fans tips for embracing a healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight and reclaim their bodies.

Watch her full “Dateline” interview in the videos below.

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