ll cool j & Scott Harrison*LL Cool J isn’t following the celebrity headphones trend. He’s introducing the world to the Boomdizzle Virtual Recording Studio (BVRS).

According to the veteran rapper, the new product will make it easier for artists and their teams to make music, as the need to be in the same place to record music will be eliminated.

“The problem was: I’m in L.A.; my producer or my engineer’s in New York. I want to go in the studio tonight, but I want to collaborate,” LL Cool J said at a press gathering at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES). “I don’t want to email you my track and then you email me back your bass line, then I email you back a vocal and then you email me back a drum and then we email back and forth and back and forth.”

The web-based program provides the digital production, mixing and sound tools for artists to create music, and it also features a “user interface” where users can upload tracks and see each other over video chat.

“I think that that basically revolutionizes the world of music,” he said. “If LL Cool J was 16, 17 years old and I was just starting out, I think I would grow vampire teeth to sink my teeth into this product.”