wendy williams (save the twinkie)*Wendy Williams is going hard in the paint for Twinkies.

After Hostess announced that the company has filed bankruptcy, the talk show diva has made it her mission to rescue the company and save her beloved golden yellow, cream filled pastry.

So she’s doing her part and plans to incorporate regular promotion of her favorite treat during the show’s programming.

Through these concerted efforts, Williams and her team hope to drive up sales and remind the world of about the tasty sweetness of Hostess snacks.

Along with the free advertising, celebrity guests will receive custom gifts made of Twinkies.

“Like many, I’ve enjoyed the gooey goodness of Twinkies since I was a child,” states Williams. “Right now, the iconic American symbol that drives our salivation is at the risk of being depleted. We the people must take action. Embrace a box…or three. Don’t be a ding dong, save the Twinkie!”

Here. here. We totally agree with Wendy … ’cause we we want some free Twinkies, too. 🙂

Meantime, watch the video below to see why Williams believes we all play a part in preserving a piece of the past: