full force*Would you believe that the Full Force “Unsung” episode has become the highest rated episode in TV One history? Well, that’s a fact, Jack.

In a memo to Full Force, Jubba Seyyid TV One’s Sr. Dir. Programming and Production confirmed that fact:

“Hey Fellas, You did it!! The final numbers from your episode are in. The Full Force ‘Unsung’ episode is now the highest rated episode in TV One History. Congratulations gentlemen. You said your show would do it … and it did.”

And being Mr Congeniality, Full Force’s Bow Legged Lou took to Facebook to spread the word and send shout outs and thanks to all those responsible for their history making episode:

“Well on behalf of my beloved brothers & cousin’s (Paul Anthony,B-Fine,Baby Gerry aka DJ Geenius,Curt-t-t & Shy Shy aka J-R)….we are humbled & so appreciative. We thank Cathy Hughes,Jubba Seyyid & the TV-One Team,The UnSung Crew of Frank Sinton,Mark Rowland,Sharon Sanders & their team,P.Frank Williams our producer/director & everyone who were part of our episode on camera such as Don Cornelius who made his last public appearance in our episode. We love & miss you D,forever ! I’m happy to of called you our friend. We also thank Blair Underwood,Lisa Lisa,Mike Hughes Of Cult Jam,Kangol & Doc of UTFO,Quest Luv from The Roots,Kid of Kid n Play,Chubb Rock,Cheryl Pepsii Riley,Howie D of The Backstreet Boys,Lou$tar,Warrington Hudlin>Producer Of House Party,Grouchy Greg Of Allhiphop.com, Our parents, Uncle Cito,Our executive assistant>Charlene Curry,Dr Paul Anthony Hamlin who is my beloved brother Paul Anthony’s Doctor & JB Moore who was a co-producer of our first 3 albums. A special shout out to The late Mr.James Brown & our co-mgr in Heaven>Steve Salem of whose idea it was for us to write & produce for other acts..I told the TV-One/UnSung Family before we finished taping our episode that we were going after the highest rating record of our friend & brother Big Daddy Kane who also had a great UnSung episode. (Kane gave me some great early heads up with the do’s & donts in dealing with my TV One/UnSung friends) Just now got off the phone with Kane thanking & appreciating him for being the person he is period ! He said if i really appreciate him,then we will keep chasing that paper & reap every benifit we deserve after being recognized as we did on UnSung. We thank our Full Force team of busy little helpers all over who held us down as we promoted our UnSung. We thank all of you others that supported & helped us in every & anyway possible (You know who you are & most of you will be hearing from me personally ) We thank M.C.Lyte for being our good luck charm too as our father used to work with Lyte when she was just starting out. We thank so many friends & family who we cant name but please know that we appreciate you. We thank all of our fans & supporters around the world.Stay blessed & may all the positive & optimistic things in life forever be yours. P.S. We dont know how long we gonna hold this TV-One/UnSung record,but even if its for a few days,we will always be humble as we treasure & accept it. THANK YOU !!

If you missed the Full Force “Unsung” episode, watch it below NOW: