jill scott*Soulful R&B singer Jill Scott is excited about her newest projects.

Her newest single, “So Blessed,” is one of her daily prayers she told Singersroom.com.

“This record spoke to me as an inspiration for myself and for others to remember to count your personal blessings every day,” Scott says of the single, which impacted Urban AC radio Monday. “The money, cars, trophies, can all disappear immediately… it’s about what’s happening in your life like your family, friends and health.”

“So Blessed” is the latest single after “Hear My Call” and “So In Love.”

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But that’s not all. She’s also feeling the brunt of her own Twitter post regarding controversial Pop star Nicki Minaj.

After the rapper’s Grammy performance, she posted, “Art for art sake I suppose. She has the right to express herself and she took that right. Nuff said.”

Fans didn’t like what she had to say and responded accordingly. However, Scott wasn’t having that.

“Ok Love Village, let it go,” Scott told her fans. “They r children or very childish. It’s sad how teenagers lash out in arbitrary anger. I guess it’s the hormones. I wouldn’t hurt Nikki. Gud luc.”

Addressing the fan that said Roman, Minaj’s alter ego, was going to “come for” her, Scott said “in the name of Jesus, keep ur demons to yourself!”

Um… wow.

On a more positive note, Scott’s album, “The Light of the Sun” is out in stores now.

Check out Jill’s “So Blessed”: