mary j blige*Whoopi Goldberg had the day off on “The View” today and sitting in for her was Mary J. Blige.

Of course the panel asked her about her recent experience attending Whitney Houston’s memorial service, which she attended despite her normal policy of never going to funerals.

And Mary being Mary became visibly emotional describing her feelings about Whitney’s death, saying “she was everything to women like us,” and noting how disappointing it was for her to die just when she seemed like she was getting her life together.

Not surprisingly, the conversation then turned to Mary J’s own struggles with addition to cocaine, which she has been open about in the past.

She talked about the importance of one’s environment and how changing the people she surrounded herself with … and turning to religion … enabled her to give up drugs and alcohol.

Then, somewhat bizarrely, she was compelled to assure the panel, “I’ve never done crack, just so we’re clear.”

Huh, nobody said you did, Miss Mary, but thanks for informing us.

Check it out below: