regina belle*Regina Belle is getting ready to bring her Gospel back with a new album, “Higher.”

The award winning artist first stepped on the scene in 1987 and has grown in popularity with her work over the years. Her first album, “Love Forever Shines” was her debut release and since then, she’s been blessing listeners and fans.

Executive produced by Ray Davis, Ruben Rodriguez, Chris Walker and Regina Belle, “Higher” features guest appearances from the legendary Pastor Shirley Caesar, Kathy Taylor and Lowell Pye (Men of Standard).  The first single, “Make an Example Out of Me” and the album’s 11 other soul-stirring tracks underscore Regina Belle’s mission to bring people closer to God.

“Some of us don’t always get there through the preached word, she says.”  “The music is only second to that, but I want to be able to know that I did my job and if you don’t have words to say, use my words.  If you don’t have a voice, then use my voice.  If you don’t have the music or the setting, use mine. I believe that my music helps people get to a special place.”

Regina Belle’s “Higher” will be out in stores June 5.