eddie murphy & johnny gill*One of the many things you will find on the Internet is a bunch of gossip websites feeding you a bunch of rumors that turn out to be lies.

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You know, just attempts by these website owners to make up some stories to get visitors to their websites.

Like, how many times have you seen some of these celebrities go after these so-called reputable sites for posting slander? Plenty.

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest rumors online ever in the black celebrity world.

Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy Relationship 

It’s a shame two black men can’t be close & friendly without people making assumptions about their sexuality. Really, you’ve never heard anyone say anything about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. But Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill, who’ve been friends for over 2 decades, have got to be sleeping with each. They’re seen having lunch together, leaving each others’ homes etc so it must be something more. Heck, Lil Wayne was photographed kissing Baby in the mouth and people didn’t make as many assertions about their sexuality as they’ve made about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy’s. We just never understood most gay rumors. Unless there is significant proof  that someone is in fact a homosexual, then there’s really no reason to assume otherwise. And even then you’ve got to be careful.

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