*Ever been in a relationship and wondered if the man you are in love with will ever get down on one knee?

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Well, many women are currently in this state and wonder whether they will ever walk down the aisle.

But what are the signs?

Have you brought it up to him or not?

Our partner site, Madamenoire.com, has come up with 7 signs why he may not marry you.

Check out sign 1 and click on the link at the bottom for the rest:

You’re Not his Prized Possession

These days everyone’s out busy accumulating things: careers, homes, memories of traveling the world: things you place value on. If someone to spend the rest of your life with is at the top of your list, it should be topping his list too. If you’re not the most important thing in his life, or close to it, you’re not the one for him.

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