*Have you ever heard of BDS?*

Well, if you haven’t, that’s what people in the pet industry call “Black Dog Syndrome.”

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Now before you guess what it is, you can be sure that your guesses are probably right. Black dogs go through the same type of bias because of their color as African Americans of a darker complexion do.

But unlike the old days, black men and women aren’t being killed in America over their skin complexions, but dogs sure are being to put to sleep if no one comes to adopt them.

Check out the exclusive report excerpt from NewsOne about this color bias:

Since there is prejudice toward Blacks, is it that hard to believe that this bias extends to the canine world too? According to proponents of “Black Dog Syndrome” (BDS), pet lovers are reportedly passing up Black dogs at pounds and shelters and choosing lighter colored canines, causing Black dogs to be euthanized at alarming rates.

BDS, which is also applicable to Black cats, is a disturbing phenomenon that can supposedly be traced to a few factors.  Large Black dogs are typically stereotyped as aggressive and menacing.  Then there are some schools of thought that associate Black pets with evil or bad luck as with the superstition surrounding Black cats. Finally, some people are just afraid of their look, often referring to these Black dogs as ominous creatures that inspire fear.

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