Blacks in Europe*If you’ve never been to Europe and you’re a black male, the racism that occurs in soccer games doesn’t blanket all of European society, but it does give you a hint.

Walking through Europe or even living in it isn’t the easiest thing as a black man. Many of these countries never had a civil rights movement so they don’t look at race relations the same way we Americans do.

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Many of these countries still hold those views of superiority and inferiority when it comes to the white/black relationship.

NewsOne editor Terrell Jermaine Starr  wrote about his experience while he was reporting there for years.

Check out an excerpt:

As a Russian-speaking brotha who lived in Eastern Europe for nearly four years as a Peace Corps volunteer, journalist and more, I know this to be true from personal experience. My most-challenging experiences with racism occurred during my Fulbright Scholar days in Ukraine, where I was a Russian language student and freelance reporter.

In other words, there are Tayvon Martins in Europe and all over the world, too.

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