*Frequent contributor to EURweb Dr. Boyce Watkins recently wrote a piece on African Americans and Republicans for our partner site, NewsOne.com.*

As we all know, the relationship between blacks and Republicans has been one that’s been testy for decades now.

The relationship became even more observed when Herman Cain launched his bid for the presidency.

In an election year, where blacks will come out in full force for President Obama, the division will be even more marked.

Here’s an excerpt:

Farai Chideya at the Root wrote a very good articleabout the relationship between the Black community and the Republican Party.  Chideya discusses the perplexing fact that African Americans are overwhelmingly Democratic, yet many millions of us possess value systems that would be a better fit for a Republican pep rally.

Chideya is absolutely correct in her assessment that many African Americans are simply conservatives in liberal skin.  We don’t quite fit in a box, and many of us end up walking the thin line between supporting the Democrats who give us civil rights versus protecting our own value systems that derive from the conservatism of the Black church.

A recent case-in-point would be the suspension of CNN analyst Roland Martin, who was challenged by the gay community for a series of remarks that made light of violence against homosexuals.  The Gay, Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) was correct in their assessment that there is no room in the liberal space for those who have any tolerance for violence against the gay community.  What was most interesting, however, was how Martin’s anti-gay comments were applauded by millions of African Americans in the Black church.  Large numbers of Black people — like the much of the Republican party — have no problem condemning gay people to hell (whether it be on earth or in the after-life).

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