*One of the many hot topics in the African American community nowadays is interracial dating.

Many people in our community don’t like the idea of dating between the races, while plenty of others could care less.

A new piece from our partner site, MadameNoire.com, explores the relationships and how some Black women may be giving up on black men and going after white men for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s an excerpt:

Here at Madame Noire we talk a lot about interracial dating. In one of our most popular (and most controversial) articles of all time, our writer listed reasons why black women should look to our fairer skinned brothers when it comes to dating options. We’ve done very popular slideshows about the white men in Hollywood who have a sista on their arm. We’re about keeping our options open when it comes to dating and marriage.  That being said, please don’t look to the white man to save you from your brothas.

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