cee lo green*Friday night at Tyler Perry’s fundraiser for President Obama, Cee Lo Green decided he wanted to do “F–k You,” the uncensored version of his hit “Forget You.”

Actually he sang the censored version first then he asked the audience “Can I curse in here?” But he didn’t wait for the answer, belting out “f*** you!” Cee Lo ultimately switched to the censored “Forget You” lyrics.

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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to comment on the song when pressed by reporters aboard Air Force One. Carney did admit that the president is “a fan” of Cee Lo’s music and might have his songs on his iPod.

At an earlier fundraiser, the president was interrupted by a “Ludacris” song when someone’s phone started ringing.

“Woah. Got some ‘Luda’ on there?” the president asked of the person’s ring tone, eliciting some hearty laughter from the crowd. “I hope it’s the clean version.”

Meanwhile it was apparently a slow news day for the folks at Fox News’ Sean Hannity show ’cause they couldn’t help themselves and used the situation to create fodder for another non-story while feigning outrage.

In the clip below, Rich Lowry prefaces it, claiming he has no idea who Green is (but panelist Mary Walter admits to having him on her iPhone). Lowry asks, after showing the video, “Am I just impossibly old, or a fuddy-duddy?”

“It makes you long for the days of Sinatra,” Walter replied, calling the President a “cool dad” that lets the children run amok just to be loved.

The Hannity panel clearly thinks the song, about heartbreak and class anxiety, is inappropriate in the presence of the President. What say ye?

Check out Cee Lo (and their commentary) below: