chec-mate app*You’re at the club  doing what people who go to clubs do. You know, just chillin’ and looking for Miss Right, but you would be content with Miss Right Now. Then, like magic, in walks the woman of your dreams. As she moves towards you from across the crowded room she moves so gracefully she appears to float.

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As she draws nearer still, her full lips beckon you without saying a word. Lip gloss poppin’ would be a severe understatement in this instance. Finally she is upon you in all of her magnificent splendor. You just can’t believe your luck on this day. It was looking like a slow night but now this angelic figure is in your presence and, with only a few minutes of conversation, she is willing to go home with you. What to do? What to do? We know your Momma is the last person you’re thinking about at that moment, but as Momma used to say, if it looks too go to be true then it probably is. After all, could anyone this side of a record mogul or celebrity possibly find themselves having to deal with the aforementioned scenario? You’d be surprised! But, paraphrasing the immortal words of Tupac Shakur, do you want it if it’s that easy?

STDs are on the rise and, contrary to a decades old myth, most people don’t “look” sick. Condom usage is the best way to prevent contracting sexually transmited diseases but condoms are not fool proof. But what if there was a way to know if a potential mate is STD-free prior to any intimacy? This is precisely the idea behind the Chec-Mate app for iPhone and Android Operating Systems from STFree Certifications Inc. Eli Dancy, the company’s founder and app creator, is looking to revolutionize the dating game and make all of our lives a lot safer. This perfectly modern little app will allow you to verify, share or exchange your recent Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening dates and results instantly, securely and confidentially.

eli dancy

Eli Dancy, Chec-Mate founder and app creator

“We are excited that advancements in technology have provided us with an opportunity to be the first to provide the world a secure platform to safely exchange lifesaving information” says Dancy.

So, the next time you’re at the club the first thing you should ask for is not the number, or if she’s on facebook nor should the less confident resign themselves to simply asking for her her email address. Ask if she has the Chec-Mate app on her iPhone or Android-powered device.

“Chec-Mate is much more than a mobile application, it’s an idea that is redefining the future of sexual responsibility as we currently know it.” Says Malcolm Patrick, President of STFree.

malcolm patrick

Malcolm Patrick, President of STFree

Chec-Mate can be downloaded now via the Apple App Store for a limited time at a retail price of $1.99 for a 1 year activation. Users can download the app, register, and upload a photo. A confirmation email will arrive with the user’s personal “Screening Verification Form” (SVF) attached. The user can use the app to locate an authorized screening facility and then take their form and have their screening administered at the facility of their choice. After the screening is completed, the facility will return their screening verification form and screening results to the user. Users can follow the instructions on the (SVF) to submit their results for final verification and full activation of their Chec-Mate application.

“Today’s smart phones provide people with information on any and everything we can possibly think of. Why not information that can save your life?” says Malcolm. “Doctors and health professionals have been telling us for years to make informed decision by exchanging screening information before becoming intimate. We are simply providing a simple and safe information path.”

Future updates of the Chec-Mate mobile application will include additional features like Bump-Chec to help you check before you…ummm…bump. This feature will provide app users with an instant and confidential method of exchanging their verified screening information. Users can simply bump/tap their phones together to exchange Information. New features are designed to enhance the users experience and provide them with a reliable resource that increases their ability to live a safe and responsible sexual lifestyle.