chris brown*Since Chris Brown allegedly stole Christal Spann’s iPhone after she supposedly snapped a few photos of the singer leaving a Miami nightclub with two groupies, the local police department and attorney’s office are blaming each other for not arresting him for theft.

But according to reports, the police have been waiting for almost a week for an arrest warrant from the attorney’s office, despite the testimony of five eye witnesses who said they saw Brown take her phone.

“Why didn’t the police grow a pair and arrest him when the complaint was drawn?” a high-ranking State Attorney’s staffer to the Miami Herald. “That’s how you do it.”

But someone from the Miami police department responded forthwith after hearing the news.

“We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney’s Office and asked for a warrant,” the MBPD source said. “They didn’t want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left.”

The two offices continued to go back and forth with a blame game. Bottom line is, Chris Brown has still not been arrested.

However, if the singer is found guilty, he will likely serve some time in jail.