cissy houston*Uh oh, this is not good.

If you’ve been wondering what Cissy Houston thinks of Bobbi Kristina’s public display of affection (see video below) with Whitney’s “adopted” son Nick Gordpon, well, that would be disgust. To say the least.

Cissy, according to TMZ, told a close friend, “What they’re doing is incestuous.”  Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her.

Although Whitney never formally adopted Nick, she considered him her son and Bobbi called him her brother.  For his part, Nick called Bobbi his sister.

Cissy is so concerned that Bobbi has become impressionable and therefore an easy target for Nick, she’s asking the Whitney Houston Estate to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney’s home — where Bobbi Kristina is also living.