*CNN’s media watchdog Howard Kurtz questioned what he described as Al Sharpton’s conflicting roles in covering the story of Trayvon Martin’s killing, reports the Huffington Post.

Sharpton, one of the most outspoken activists in the Martin case, has devoted entire hour of his MSNBC show “PoliticsNation” to coverage of the shooting and interviews with Martin’s parents. On Thursday, he participated in a rally in Sanford, Florida with Martin’s family and friends.

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On his show “Reliable Sources,” Kurtz wondered how MSNBC could allow Sharpton to participate in the rally and subsequently cover the event for his MSNBC show. “How on earth can Al Sharpton go there, be an activist, stand with the parents, and he asks people to contribute money, and he went to the Justice Department with the parents of Trayvon Martin. And then he does his [MSNBC] show, and then he speaks at the rally again. He’s covering himself,” Kurtz said. “How can MSNBC allow that?”

MSNBC had an answer for that back in September, when president Phil Griffin told the New York Times, “We are breaking the mold. Anything he does on the streets, he can talk about on air — we won’t hide anything.”

Sharpton has also said that combining the show and his activism is an integral part of his hosting duties.

Watch Kurtz’ discussion about the case below.