*Cosha Hayes, Author of new Novel “Misconceptions” and upcoming book “What’s it Worth is building her brand with diversity and uniqueness.

The release of “Ghetto Fantasy” by Galvis Ardoin is one of her newest projects.

Galvis Ardoin is a writer Ms. Hayes discovered last year that is incarcerated at the Point Coupee Correctional Center.

“Once I read his material, I was immediately hooked and after speaking with him I wanted even more to assist him in bringing his book to life.  He asked me for help and guidance I am giving him that.  We are now a team.  He brings something special to my company,” says Hayes.

Cosha released her first book April 2011 and has gotten great reviews and feed back surrounding her found realization of “What May Appear May Not Always Be”.

Her company Bran Nue Productions is adding many products in the near future, including a children’s book entitled “The Funny Chaps” written by her 7 year-old son Kaleb Doutrive due to release in August. One other aspect of Bran Nue Productions is a t-shirt and assessory line created by her 11 year-old son Kyler Doutrive entitled Skayte by Kyler D.

This 32-year old entrepreneur is moving in the right direction and is definitely someone you want to keep an eye on.

Her sophomore book “What’s it Worth” a woman’s guide to realizing their self worth is coming soon.

“ I want to show my children that anything is possible.  I work a full time job and manage my business in my spare time.”  They pay attention to me when I think they are not.  They see the drive and ambition that I possess and they have it also.  As their mother I am grooming them on how to put that into overdrive” says Hayes

“I also want to make it easier for those choosing to publish their work.  Publishing is not easy, its time consuming and very detailed.  Mistakes I made I want to ensure Galvis doesn’t. That is what I am here for.” says Hayes

Ghetto Fantasy is set to release April 2012.  See synopsis below.  Visit www.cshayes.com for pre-orders.

 Synopsis: Ja’Quan Peters suffered a dark and lonely childhood filled with nightmares and despair while tortured by the true meaning of unhappiness. Abandoned by his father at the tender age of twelve he was taken in by his uncle where he received the guidance and love that gave him hope for a brighter future. But, the sudden and tragic death of his hero surrounded his heart with pain and misery. The demise of his uncle gave him the key to success; all he had to do was grab it. That decision came with a choice between life and death. Will Ja’Quan ever become the powerful man that he was groomed and destined to be or will his dreams of prosperity become shattered as he tries to live his ghetto fantasy? You decide as he takes you through the ratchet streets of Baton Rouge, La. Where hatred, envy, murder, and deceit awaits at every corner and also where fantasies never come true.