cuba gooding jr.*After making a successful mark with recent “Red Tails,” Cuba Gooding Jr.  slipped up, reminding everyone of his over the top personality and limitless boundaries.

In a recent story published by Jezebel, a woman accused the actor of sexual harassment after he allegedly groped her in a bar.

But that isn’t the only incident of grabbing he did. According to reports from three other women in New Mexico, he couldn’t keep his hands off the scenery.

The woman identified only as Sara by Jezebel writer Anna North, said the following:

“At about midnight on March 1st, Cuba Gooding Jr. waltzed into the bar we were at and proceeded to sexually harass a number of the [women there] and assault (punch) a [man] for attempting to take a picture of Cuba receiving a lap dance. […] The sexual harassment occurred when women would be taking pictures with him; he would grab butt cheeks during the picture taking and when women reacted negatively to that, he would proceed to either touch women’s breasts or tell them that he “loved them.” He told me that he loved me because his wife’s name is also Sara. Classy.”

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