exit strategy (poster)*Falling in love may be the norm in most movies, but LA based and nationally syndicated radio morning jock/host Big Boy (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”) has found a new twist to express the opposite effect as executive producer of a new “unromantic comedy” called “Exit Strategy.”

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The film, written by Jameel Saleem, centers around James (Saleem) who, after getting evicted from his apartment, moves in with his girlfriend of three months Kim (Kimelia Weathers). After discovering  that Kim is everything he never wanted in a woman, James enlists his best friends Carville (Quincy “QDeezy” Harris) and Leona (Noelle Balfour) as well as high schooler Scoop (Nick Sinise), Big Boy and comedian Kevin Hart to help him find a relationship exit strategy. However, breaking up is not an option for Kim.

As executive producer for “Exit Strategy,” Big Boy steps in to a new role that expands his brand beyond his current 18-year stint as host of the nationally syndicated Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show on Southern California’s Power 106 FM.

exit strategy (big boy)

Big Boy behind the Mic in 'Exit Strategy'

“I’ve done some movies and I’ve done some television, but to actually have an executive producer title and, you know, wear a different kind of hat and or a different kind of responsibility is very much satisfying,” Big Boy expressed to EUR’s Lee Bailey.” “With the people that I did work with, we had a good script. We had great actors. We had non-egos on the set so it was like a dream project for me.

“It wasn’t like Hell, where I’m like ‘Aw man. I’ll never do this again,’ the on-air personality added. “So I’m hoping that, God willing, if there’s anything else that comes about, it’s kind of on that same plateau.”

Written by Saleem, “Exit Strategy” originated as a web series that had been running since 2007. Big Boy’s involvement in the project stemmed from his association with Harris, who knew Saleem.

“Just believing in some cats’ hustle and their dream and reading the script and just knowing “QDeezy” Quincy Harris, just knowing what he wanted to do in Hollywood and moving out from Philly, I really just bought into their dream,” stated Big Boy who invested his own money into the Michael Whitten-helmed feature.

exit strategy (weathers & saleem)

Kim Weathers and James Saleem star in 'Exit Strategy'

“Exit Strategy’s” release comes after shooting the project and holding viewings for the film last year. In addition to working behind the scenes, Big Boy added to his film resume with an on-camera role. According to the actor/author, his cameo in “Exit Strategy” fulfilled a long-standing goal.

“It was pretty much something that was created. I wanted to play the part of myself so I finally got the part to play Big Boy and hopefully I pulled it off well,” Big Boy joked. “I try to channel him. And when I talked with Big Boy, he was like ‘Hey man you nailed me.’ I figured I did alright.”

Looking back on the film’s evolution, Big Boy is humbled at the good fortune “Exit Strategy” has experienced.

“At first, it was moreso an idea and we were thinking about ‘Let’s just shoot it.’ And at the end of it when we thought we had a great piece of product, I was like ‘If we don’t do anything but just give me a copy of the DVD, I would’ve been fine with that,” he said, noting how the film has opened in various cities which include Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. “We’re just taking it and we’re running with it…. If we get one at a time, if we get to do 10 opening weekend and we get 15 the next weekend then it’s doing not only way better than I anticipated — not that it was a bad product — but anything we get now is a blessing because I would’ve been great with the DVD.”

For more information on “Exit Strategy” as well as a list of theaters featuring the PG-13 rated film, visit www.exitstrategy-themovie.com. Advance tickets are available on www.movietickets.com.