*DMX is being sued by a booking agency for failing to follow through on a so-called “comeback tour” last year.

According to TMZ, the trouble-prone rapper signed a deal with Heavy Rotation in 2011 giving over full international rights to book his gigs for 12 months, but no shows came to fruition.

The company has now filed documents in New York blaming DMX’s plethora of legal problems – including a traffic offense and two child support cases – for preventing him from performing overseas, alleging the ill-fated deal cost the company $749,285.

DMX’s manager insists he cut all ties with Heavy Rotation because it indulged in “unsavory business practices.”

Meanwhile, the rapper and his wife are currently appearing in the VH1 reality series “Couples Therapy.”

In Wednesday’s season premiere, DMX goes in on Tashera after she brings up issues of respect and infidelity. DMX argued that he’s the same as he’s always been, and he’s not ever going to change. Most importantly, he was up front about all of this with her.

DMX ranted that he’ll never stop sleeping with women. “And that’s what it is. I’m grown!” he shouted. “I make my own f*****g bed, and I’m gonna lie in it!

“What you just said was disrespectful and no regards to my feelings,” Tashera countered, but DMX said that it was respectful because it was honest. What’s more important in a relationship? If he was upfront about this and she agreed to marry him anyway, should he change the behavior if she’s finding it upsetting?

Watch below.