dr. dre*It looks like Dr. Dre is still in high demand. Well at least his name is.

The famous west coast producer and rapper had to take some serious legal action after discovering someone is attempting to usurp his name.

Producer Drew Reyes has dubbed himself DiamondDRE, apparently infringing on Dr. Dre’s trademarked name.

But the new kid on the block says he trademarked his name in 2007.

So now something has to go down.

The famous beat maker has contacted the aspiring musician’s attorney, threatening to basically stomp the little guy out since Dre owns the rights to DRE since 1981.

According to AllHipHop.com, Reyes claimed he is only trying to do him.

“‘DiamondDRE’ is my stage name and my artistic identity, and Dr. Dre’s attorney is arguing that my mark will cause confusion with his client, Mr. Andre Young (aka Dr. Dre),” said DiamondDRE. “He’s threatening me by promising to petition to cancel my service mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, if I don’t comply with his terms. How can anyone confuse ‘Dr. Dre’ with ‘DiamondDRE’?”

Well, Dr. Dre’s legal folks aren’t buying DiamondDRE’s weak argument.

“Given our clients fame in the music business as both a producer and performer, particularly with regard to Hip-Hop, in which your client is also active, any use by a performer of the name or mark DRE or of a name or mark that contains DRE, maybe confused with him,” Robert Becker told DiamondDRE’s lawyer.

We’re betting that Mr. DiamondDRE will be changing his name soon.