*Paramount’sA Thousand Words” will have audiences laughing out loud in this hilarious yet thought provoking comedy with a holistic twist.

Fast talking, swindling Eddie Murphy delivers the punches with or without words as Jack McCall, a high brow literary agent who inadvertently encounters a cosmic challenge to mince his words, or else. 

Kerry Washington brings the sizzle and the charm as Jack’s wife, and Ruby Dee brings an earthy and soulful spine to the plot as the ailing mother of McCall.  Meanwhile, the cool mystique of Cliff Curtis (as new age guru Dr. Singa) perfectly juxtaposes Eddie’s comedic counterpart (and break out performer in the movie) Clark Duke as Aaron Wiseberger.

Writer Steve Koren’s screenplay was brilliantly brought to life by director Brian Robbins and the supporting cast.  Fans are encouraged to go see this one first hand.  It’s comedy folks and yes, Eddie’s still good at it word for word, action for action.  www.ThousandWordsmovie.com.