eddie murphy*Look who’s talking these days. It’s none other than the usually tight-lipped Eddie Murphy.

As we reported earlier, “Extra’ caught up with Murphy at the junket for his upcoming film “A Thousand Words.” Besides his thoughts on the recent Oscars, he also dished on recent dating rumors (with Toni Braxton) and his friendship with Whitney Houston. The were once thought to be an item back in the day. However, he says they just were good friends and that all.

“I was never dating Whitney. She was a friend of mine. I may have gone to dinner with her a few times, but it was never like we were dating — we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. We were very friendly acquaintances. She was a beautiful person. I hear a lot of people talking about her sense of humor, and she really did have a great sense of humor, she was a funny girl.”

He continued: “I know when I was around Whitney, I never saw any diva-ness; I never saw her do any drugs. I saw her smoke a cigarette before, but that was about it. She knows I did not like that and she didn’t do that around me.”

OK, now that we got that out of the way, let’s chat about the current rumors of him and Toni Braxton hooking up. To which he coyly replied:

“I haven’t been on an actual traditional date in quite some time; I’m due. I’m going to take someone on a date really soon.”