estelle*Estelle just released her third album, “All of Me” in February, sharing all of her with the world.

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The British born singer was candid in the April, 2012 issue of  Sister 2 Sister magazine about her life and being a woman whose been through a little heartache and pain.

She tells other women it’s all a part of life and not to hide from love.

“Don’t run to it because that’s the only situation that showed you love, make sure its worthy of your love.  I look at it and I’m like, ‘You couldn’t tell me he wasn’t gonna stick around?’”

Her latest album, a hit of course, features music with Chris Brown, Janelle Monae and Rick Ross.

Also in the latest issue of S2S, on sale now, Trina Braxton gets real about her rocky marriage with husband Gage and how it was slipping down a road of no return.

Eric Benet talks about why men cheat and love after Halle Berry.