eddie murphy*After combing through submissions  for EURweb’s Thousand Words Shut Your Mouth Contest, the judges have come up with a winner!  It was Paulara Hawkins from Los Angeles who wrote the winning “Opps” moment:

“I was trying to rap the words to the country song boot scooting boogie while waiting in line at Disneyland.  This man heard me and said; ‘Darling I used to wish I could sing.  Now I wish you could.’ He gave me $3 dollars to shut up.  I did and went and bought a lemonade.”

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Contestants were asked to write about a time when they should have kept their mouths shut in 100 words or less.  The EUR contest was one of many promotions celebrating Eddie Murphy’s recent return to the box office in the Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks motion picture “A Thousand Words.” Below, check out EURweb’s LaRita Shelby’s phone call to Paulara to inform her that she’s the winner of a thousand grand:

Ten finalists will receive promotional prize packages and Ms. Hawkins wins the grand prize of $1,000.00. That’s enough to buy a lot more lemonade or at least some singing lessons.  Special thanks to actress/writer Alisa Banks and actor/dancer/comedian Affion Crockett for being a part of EUR’s judging committee.  Subscribe to EURweb.com for daily breaking news and entertainment.  Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the EURweb fans for your entries.