phylicia rashad

Phylicia Rashad stars in the new NBC series 'Do No Harm'

*Spring not only means baseball and March Madness – it’s also TV pilot season.

Luckily, this year will feature a wealth of new programs featuring very promising minority actors. Which ones should you tune in too?

Here are our picks:

AWAKE (NBC) – This is one of the most promising network television pilots we’ve seen in a long, long time. Shepherded and created by the talented Kyle Killen, AWAKE follows Det. Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs), living two parallel, crime-solving lives following a car accident – one in which his wife was killed, and one in which his son died. It’s one of the rare new network shows that rises above its gimmick. AWAKE also features a plum role for the great Steven Harris – late of The Practice – as Britten’s partner in one of the timelines. The show premiered this week; plenty of catch-up time. (

COMMON LAW (USA) – USA’s made a living cranking out easy-to-watch, supremely competent procedurals with rich lead characters, and this two-cops-in-couples-therapy (with one of them played by the excellent Michael Ealy) sounds like it fits into their plans perfectly.

COUNTY (NBC) – Michael Jordan is back! Well, Michael B. Jordan, that is. The actor – who made an impact as talented quarterback Vince XXX on Friday Night Lights – stars in this hospital drama from FNL writer Jason Katims.

DO NO HARM (NBC) – Finally, Phylicia Rashad escapes Bill Cosby in this televised take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, starring Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) as the titular doctor / crazy person. Rashad will play the chief of surgery at Jekyll / Hyde’s hospital. It’ll be nice to see the talented Rashad out of the Cosby bubble. (

LAST RESORT (ABC) – Shawn Ryan created one of the greatest series in the history of television with his violent and compelling program The Shield for FX; he’s going to return soon with this ambitious series following a rogue U.S. nuclear missile submarine. The part that’s got us all excited? The casting of Andre Braugher – the volcanic, spellbinding actor from Homicide – as the missile submarine’s captain. This has a chance to be really amazing. (