*Living in this celebrity driven society, we are constantly bombarded with the ridiculous and sometimes crazy activities of celebrities.

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One of the worst of times is when we have to witness the personal lives of celebrity couples. When we say celebrity couples, the man and the woman are famous in their own right. Sure, they are human beings just like the rest of us. They are not perfect. This is characterized by the fact that there are some celebrity relationships that are just outright annoying.

Here’s a list of some of the most annoying :

Kim Kardashian and Whoever – The Socialite. Even though all of her “lovers” may not be celebrities themselves, this woman still makes the list. She will do anything for fame or money. From doing a porno with a singer to get attention, to pretending to be in love in order to orchestrate a fake television wedding for ratings and profits, she had to be on the list. Even though I am not against making money, there has to be some limit as to how far someone will go to get it. The only kind of man who can possibly take this woman seriously when it comes to love or marriage, has to be a man who has a very low self image of himself. Well, we are talking about Hollywood.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen – He is a football star and she is a fashion model. He is a hearthrob, she is very beautiful. He has millions. She has millions. They own this. They own that. Please enough already. I actually thought (or was hoping) this union was going to come to an end after Tom’s second straight Super Bowl loss. In case you didn’t know, after the Super Bowl loss, Gisele did a super no-no. She openly criticized Tom’s teammates who had dropped some of his passes during the game. I am sure Tom had a few words with her about this. Did she listen?

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger – He ‘s a Formula One racer and she is a singer (former X Factor judge) This couple annoys me because they simply cant decide whether they are a couple or not. After being together for several years, they supposedly went their separate ways. Nicole is dating this person. Then she is seen with Lewis again. This process repeats itself a thousand times. They are displaying one of the most annoying factors in any relationship. Indecisiveness.

Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada (*pictured above*) – Washed up NFL star and she is one of the disasters on a reality show called “Basketball Wives.” This couple is a mess. He is a total “simp.” He doesn’t seem to understand women at all. Why else would he get involved with her? She is a woman with some serious internal issues. If you have ever watched the show or seen clips, you can see this woman getting into fights and other heated situations. It was revealed on the show that she had some “issues” with her father. Like I have said before, women that have relationship problems with their fathers can be very dangerous to men they are dating or married to. They are supposedly walking down the isle sometimes soon. I wish this couple will just go away.

Jay Z and Beyonce – You know them. The ultimate power couple. They are everywhere. Even though they just welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the family, I still wonder if they are really in love. Over the years of watching them, it seems like all they do as a couple is buy each other expensive gifts on birthdays. Has anyone every seen them kiss or act like lovers?

This special report was written by EURweb contributor Neil Williams. Visit Neil’s other content at “The Romance Files