fabolous at strip club*Blowing a whopping $28,000 dollars to make it “rain” at the strip club qualifies for a Morning Mess inclusion as far as we’re concerned.

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And since rapper Fabolous and actor/comedian Kevn Hart are the guilty ones, er benefactors, we thought we’d bring you the details (and photos), courtesy of TMZ of course.

These pictures are insane — rapper Fabolous lived up to the phrase “make it rain” better than ANY rapper in recent memory this week … unleashing a $28,000 downpour at an Atlanta strip club … and we got the pics.

The moneystorm took place Wednesday night at a new strip joint called Diamonds — where local radio personality Kenny Burns was throwing a party — and shocker … Fab brought along a truckload of cash.

Also making it precipitate — comedian Kevin Hart, who we’re told dropped $7,000 on butt-in-the-face action.

The cash tornado got so out of control — a layer of money even settled on the club chandelier.

For more photos, click HERE. Be warned, even though they’re censored like the one below, some are more revealing. Remember, it’s a strip club. Hello!

fabolous making it rain