*When you used to think of the Forbes annual list of billionaires, you would probably walk by the newsstand or skip the website because you didn’t think anyone of color would be on the list.

But oh, how things have changed.

In this year’s edition, six people of African descent have made the list and some are familiar faces, while others aren’t.

We are sure you know who the only American out of the six is. Yep, you guessed it, Oprah Winfrey. Of course. Who else could it be?

OK, we’ll spot you one more:

Mohammed Al Amoudi

mohammed al amoudiMohammed Al Amoudi may fall at number 61 on the Forbes list, but he’s number one on the list of the richest black people in the world. The Saudi and Ethiopian man’s assets in oil companies like Svenska Petroleum Exploration, which produces crude oil in Africa, and refinery operator Preem, puts his net worth at $12.5 billion.

Check out the full list here.