*The Trayvon Martin death has elicited a lot of responses across the country, mostly sympathetic ones for the family because of the magnitude of losing a son.

While many Democrats and liberals have commented on the matter, there haven’t been many negative opinions towards Trayvon Martin to date.

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But now that President Obama has spoken on the matter, the Republicans have come out the woodwork and the worst comment to date has to be on the one from Geraldo Rivera who blamed the hoodie on Trayvon’s death.

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Here is an opinion piece from the NewsOne lead editor. Check out an excerpt below:

Obviously, Rivera started a firestorm across the country, with many feeling as though Rivera is criminalizing the victim rather than criminalizing the murderer. I could very well see how Gabriel would feel ashamed of his father — I’d be ashamed too.

While some will say that Black youth — and so-called minorities — shouldn’t wear certain clothes because of the “stigma” attached to them, we cannot be so small minded as to believe that the clothing of Black males would have stopped them from being hunted, lynched, and murdered all throughout the history of this country.

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