Jaleel White & Gladys Knight*Besides being a star, Gladys Knight is an environmentally conscious woman, determined to reduce her carbon footprint.

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The legendary singer told MNN.com that she’s a woman who is concerned about what she leaves behind.

“I recycle and I’m concerned about detergent and water and all that stuff. And I try not to put food in the garbage,” says the R&B legend.

Also echoing the recycling theme is actor Jaleel “Steve Urkel” White

“I recycle my bottles,” echoes White, who is joining Knight as one of the dozen competitors on “Dancing With the Stars” Season 14.

The two icons actually have a history together. The singer played the role of White’s mother in the sitcom “Charlie & Co,” about 26 years ago.

“I’ve been watching him all during his career,” she says, happy to see him, and he feels the same:

“I’m thrilled to see Gladys. I was nine years old when we worked together and here I am, 35, back on TV with her. What amazing nostalgia that we made it this far,” White says.

She is amazing indeed. The gracefully aged singer and actress, now 67,  danced across the stage in the season premiere with partner Tristan McManus in a sexy cha-cha to The Emotions, “The Best of My Love.”

Knight told the press that although she’s having fun, she’s in it to win it.

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