wendy williams*We all know that Wendy Williams keeps it real, even though the hair on her head ain’t hers.

Recently on the ‘Wendy Williams Show,’ the outspoken talk show diva spilled her guts to her sister from another mister, Sherri Shepherd.

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Being a former competitor on “Dancing with the Stars,” Williams protested the attire her fellow television peer was dressed in.

Shepherd dawned a mid-calf length, purple chiffon gown. Williams didn’t like it.

“Why did you let them put you in all that material, Sherri?”

She also divulged that she doesn’t think Shepherd has much of a chance to take the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. Uh oh, she could be making enemies.

But she followed up with some interesting advice, telling her TV buddy that she’s gotta always be her in front of the camera.

When Shepherd stood before the panel of judges, she seemed a bit shaken by the whole bit.

“You know when you’re talking to the camera and not doing the dancing, Sherri, you were giving them everything they want to see from us black girls — that loud talk, the gaping laugh — don’t let them do that to you, Sherri.”

Williams recalled her experience on the show, saying presumably the show producers and directors wanted her to act like a stereotypical Black women with exaggerated neck action and ‘black girl’ talk.

Here’s Sherri Shepherd being interviewed  after her performance on “Dancing with the Stars.” See if you agree with Wendy’s comments about Sherri: