*What’s one thing a lot of people need in this country today?*


With unemployment at 8 percent and African American unemployment hovering a little above 13 percent, one of the many places people go to find a job outside of online websites is at job fairs.

And while those events are usually packed, here are 3 tips that may help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Before You Go

Preparation is everything. Check out the description of the job fair and identify the potential employers you’d like to see most. This will give you a guide during your day. Plan to wear something that looks professional but is appropriate for your field. Dress the way you would if you got the job and you had an important meeting at work that day. And remember that old rule: if you could wear it to the club, you probably shouldn’t wear it to a job fair.

Take a look at your resume and freshen it up if necessary. Make several copies of your resume because you are going to give it out the entire time you’re at the job fair. Make sure that your references are still on board to offer their endorsements for you. Bring your identification, too, because plenty of companies at job fairs are looking to hire right away.

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