*Rock the Vote, the nonpartisan group that enlists celebrities in efforts to encourage young people to go to the polls, enters the 2012 election cycle with a new Internet video produced by blogger Perez Hilton and featuring singers John Legend, Bridget Kelly and Darren Criss.

The short film is titled “Democracy Class: A History of Voting” and its release is timed to coincide with today’s observance of Democracy Day, something Rock the Vote encourages with its Democracy Class program in high school civics classes across the country.

The film superimposes the celebrities on a rapidly paced graphic history of the spread of democracy through American history, starting with the Revolution.

The film also shows the exponential growth of participation by voters ages 18 to 29 in the last presidential election, one of the keys to Barack Obama’s victory and a development to which Rock the Vote generally is credited with making a crucial contribution.