*One of the many secrets of the world is to how to keep a long relationship or marriage going strong.

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Nowadays, it isn’t like the old days when couples stayed together for a lifetime. Today, couples seem to break up at the first sign of trouble.

But for those who don’t, here are some tips to help you keep that marriage hot or ways that a relationship should improve, at the least.

Check out the first tip from our partner site, Madame Noire, below:

You shouldn’t wonder…

…if you’re liked, or loved, or wanted around. You shouldn’t wonder if that next text is one text too many for today. You shouldn’t wonder if he needs a night off from you. You should be picking men who let you know daily you are wanted, and don’t make you guess. You should know that if he doesn’t make you feel wanted every day, that is because something is wrong with him, not with you.

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