Walter Latham*The man behind the legendary “Kings of Comedy” franchise, Walter Latham, seems like a pretty nice guy … until you really piss him off!

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The producer and promoter who had been on the set of his new YouTube venture, “Comedy After Dark,” socked comedian Ray Lipowski in the face, breaking his jaw after his performance, according to Fank Holder’s Humor Mill Mag comedy blog.

Latham, also Chris Rock’s tour promoter, was obviously unhappy with Lipowski’s stage presences.

According to sources, the comedian aggressively taunted the show’s host, former porn star Jenna Jameson, after she introduced him. Allegedly she didn’t pronounce his name correctly.

The taunting began to ware on Latham so much he grew more and more outraged. As a result, he was punched as he came off stage.

Oh yeah, on top of that, Humor Mill says they’ve learned there’s now a warrant out for Latham’s arrest.

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